About Torrey

The Beastly Threads idea arose from a desire to first, make a difference and second, do it in a beautiful, fun, fashionable way. I was super inspired by Blake Mykoskie's TOMS Shoes story of a for-profit business that does some serious good. Finally, I both love scarves and am passionate about the environment and wildlife, hence Beastly Threads!

To be honest, I thought making eco-friendly, ethical scarves would be easy. Oh, how wrong I was! It took 2.5 years to finally achieve the level of quality that I required. And it's been gangbusters ever since, introducing new products, new animals, and new non-profit organizations! Although I am proud of what my partners and I have accomplished, I so want to do more to help vulnerable animals and habitat. That means reaching more customers so that we can send even bigger checks to the extraordinary organizations that we support. 
Before Beastly, I worked in education reform for 16 years. I also founded she19 in 2004, an effort to inspire single women to vote in the 2004 Presidential election.  I recently moved from Santiago, Chile to Vaucresson, France with my sweet husband Tony and our two hilarious children Nathaniel and Sarah.