About the Animals

Each of the Beastly Threads animals are listed on the Endangered Species list and face a great threat to their very existence. These animals are at risk of extinction due to global warming, over-fishing/hunting, pollution, disease, and habitat loss. The animals and associated nonprofit advocacy organizations that we have supported are as follows:




Big Horn Sheep (Western Watersheds Project)
Bison (Western Watersheds Project)
Butterfly  (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Cerulean Warbler   (American Bird Conservancy)
Chinook Salmon   (The Bay Institute)
Condor  (American Bird Conservancy)
Honeybee   (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Jaguar (Northern Jaguar Project)
Mollusk (Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society)
Polar Bear  (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Rhino   (Saving the Survivors)
Sage Grouse   (Western Watersheds Project)
Sea Turtle (Loggerhead Marinelife Center)
Shark  (WildAid)
Staghorn Coral   (Coral Restoration Foundation)
Tree Frog   (Amphibian Ark)
Wild Dog  (Saving the Survivors)

In time, we will expand to other animals, continents, and leading conservation organizations. The need is great and we hope to have as big of an impact as possible.