About the Animals





The incredible organizations that we support play a critical role in saving vulnerable and endangered animals like the ones listed below. Each of these species is important on its own but perhaps more critical, is the role that these particular animals play in the ecosystem in which they live and hunt and mate and die. To lose an animal forever inevitably creates a hole and an imbalance. We hope to contribute, even in just a small way, to the efforts being made to reestablish and maintain that balance, for the sake of all of us.
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Big Horn Sheep (Western Watersheds Project)
Bison (Western Watersheds Project)
Blackbuck (Wildlife Trust of India)
Butterfly  (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Cerulean Warbler   (American Bird Conservancy)
Chinook Salmon   (The Bay Institute)
Condor  (American Bird Conservancy)
Honeybee   (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Jaguar (Northern Jaguar Project)
Mollusk (Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society)
Polar Bear  (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Prairie Dog (Western Watersheds Project)
Rhino   (Saving the Survivors)
Sage Grouse   (Western Watersheds Project)
Sea Turtle (Loggerhead Marinelife Center)
Shark  (WildAid)
Staghorn Coral   (Coral Restoration Foundation)
Tree Frog   (Amphibian Ark)
Wild Dog  (Saving the Survivors)