Orange Jaguar Sarong / Grand Scarf

$ to Wildlife + Free Shipping

Our organic cotton voile grand scarf/sarong was hand block printed using nontoxic dyes and then sewn by a group of artisans in Jaipur, India. We employ ethical, green practices that are kind to workers and the environment.

Your sarong purchase will support the efforts of the Northern Jaguar Project (NJP), an organization formed to protect jaguars from poaching and habitat destruction in the heart of Sonora, Mexico. NJP, in partnership with Mexican conservation organizations, has established the 86-square-mile Northern Jaguar Reserve, which extends protection across a rugged landscape with an unparalleled mix of natural communities. Learn more about NJP.

Colors: Mandarine orange and white

Size: 44 x 74 inches or so

Please note that this scarf was printed by hand so colors may vary and little imperfections should be expected. 

Care: Please wash and dry often! Your cotton sarongs will only get softer and softer with wear and washing. No bleach. Iron if desired.

Shipping: Shipping within the United States. Please expect your purchase to arrive in 5-7 days.

If you need us to ship outside the United States, please send an email to Torrey at

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