Staghorn Napkin Set

$10 to Wildlife

This set of four organic cotton canvas napkins is our first Made in the USA product. The napkins were hand screen-printed using nontoxic dyes by Kingsland Printing in Brooklyn. The printed fabric was then cut and sewn by Pattern Sample Sew, a small sewing shop in Washington, DC. We employ ethical, green practices that are kind to workers and the environment.

Your napkin set purchase will support the efforts of the Coral Restoration Foundation, a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to creating offshore nurseries and restoration programs for threatened coral species including Staghorn Coral. Staghorn Coral are one of the most important Caribbean corals in terms of reef growth and fishery habitat. Read more about Staghorn Coral.

Colors: Pool blue and gold

Size: 17 x 17 inches or so

Please note that these napkins were printed by hand so colors may vary and little imperfections should be expected. 

Care: You can machine wash your napkins in cold or warm water. Ironing is encouraged (by your mom) but not required.

Free shipping within the United States. If you need us to ship outside the United States, please send an email to Torrey at

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