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Beastly Threads textiles incorporate timeless, elegant design, sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing practices, and a promise that with each product sold, a significant portion of the profits will go to habitat and wildlife preservation efforts.

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Each of the Beastly Threads animals are endangered or vulnerable and face a great threat to their very existence. These animals are at risk of extinction due to global warming, over-fishing/hunting, pollution, disease, and habitat loss. We are currently focusing on five North American animals:

Big Horn Sheep (available in black and vanilla)
Cerulean Warbler
Chinook Salmon
Polar Bear
Sage Grouse
Staghorn Coral
Tree Frog (available in green and rust)

In time, we will expand to other animals, continents, and leading conservation organizations. The need is great and we hope to have as big of an impact as possible.


We Can Save the Coral

June 03, 2016

One of the amazing organizations that Beastly Threads supports, Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF), is doing everything in its power to restore coral reefs in the Florida Keys and Caribbean. I got the chance to ask Ashley Hill of CRF some questions about their work, the sunscreen vs. coral controversy, and what global leaders need to do before the planet's reefs are gone forever.

Beastly Threads (BT): The global decline of coral reefs is really scary.  What makes you hopeful that the reefs can be saved?
 Ashley Hill (AH): The work being done at Coral Restoration Foundation gives me hope. Our organization is working diligently to understand causes of not only local, but global coral reef decline. Over the next few years, CRF is honing our efforts to fully restore several reefs throughout the Florida Keys. The reefs of the keys were once iconic dive sites with impressive stands of elkhorn and staghorn coral. Due to warming waters, increased pollution, and physical damage, the reefs have experienced dramatic declines and are now ideal candidates for our restoration efforts. Working with NOAA and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, CRF will begin to fully restore several reefs. This type of effort informs international projects. Criteria for reef restoration can transcend a singular area to be useful across the globe.

How Running a Business Can Provide the Best (or Worst) Lessons for Our Kids

April 18, 2016

Every once in a while I am reminded that my kids are hearing, digesting, and filing away every single word I say.  At dinner a few weeks back, my 8-year-old son Nathaniel told me about his “Minipreneur” class, an after-school enrichment program where 3rd to 5th graders are taken through the step-by-step process of starting a business. This being the first day, the teacher had asked the kids to share and discuss businesses and business owners they know. “Mommy, I told them all about you and Beastly Threads! I told them about why you chose your company’s name and how you want to save endangered species and block printing in India and how long it took you to find the...

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